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Rex TurnerThanks for stopping by LeaningDogMarketing.  I am frequently asked where I got the name Leaning Dog Marketing.  It comes from the dog we had at the time named Czar who was always leaning on us.  He was a beautiful Siberian Husky weighing in at a mere 80 pounds. Sadly Czar is gone now but he was a good boy for 15 years.  Our new husky is even bigger at 100 pounds.  WOW!  When this boy leans on you it is an event!

Who Am I?

My name is Rex Turner and I am a electrical engineer.  I designed consumer electronics sold in the 100s of thousands quantity.

As the company I worked for was sold and made huge changes my department went away.  After that, I became a full time internet marketer and made my living online while I took care of ailing parents.  I developed a team of people from around the world that help me in various disciplines.  I still work as a full time electrical engineer plus maintain multiple online ventures.

What do We Do?

Local Business Websites: We can build you a local business site fully mobile capable.  If you don’t have a website at all for your business you are totally missing out.  But just having a website is not enough.  Your website needs to be optimized to work on a cell phone to let all of your customers have a good user experience on your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We do contracts to rank your sites in the search engines so that customers will find you easily.  Obviously if a customer doesn’t know your business name (Like Bob’s Roofing) they are only going to find you if you rank for roofing related terms in the search engines.  Nobody will search for “Bob’s Roofing” unless they already know you.  You need NEW customers that DON’T know who you are also.  We can help.

Software & Graphics:  Maybe you want custom software written, a fresh new logo or beautiful website graphics.  We can help.

Custom Affiliate Websites:  We also can make Amazon or eBay affiliate sites for you ready-made.

Audio Video Services: Do you need help with videos or audio.  We have our own in-house project recording studio.  We also sell Royalty Free Music that you can use in your own videos.

There is too much to cover in this one post but contact us if you think we might be able to help you in your money making efforts.

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