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Minisites for Sale!

Best selection of Minisites are now for sale

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Custom Software Products

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Custom local websites

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Custom local mobile optimized website design

Pimp your website to fit and run smoothly on mobile browsers.

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Our Services :

Local Business Solutions

We can design a website for your local business that enhances your business. Let us design your new website and we will make sure it works well on desktop computers, cell phones and tablets.

We can do the graphics, install photos of your choice, setup a mailing list and more. We can also be contracted to rank your new website in the search engines to get customers coming to you that may not even know you exist.

We have been building websites for small businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma for many years. Let us help you get more business.

Use the Contact Form so we can discuss the possibilities.

Affiliate Minisites for Sale

We offer a collection of prebuilt minisites that sell Amazon products. All we need to do is put your affiliate link in and install on your hosting.

You can pick one up and save money today.

Mobile Optimized Websites

We can convert your website to a mobile optimized site or build a website that works for just about every platform. Desktop, cell phone or tablets. We can handle it all.

We can also make mobile directory sites that you can make money by renting out advertising positions. They are money makers.

Leaning Dog Software

Do you want custom software created to sell as a product? Or maybe you want a plugin created for your wordpress site.

I have access to a team with skills in html, php, C++ and other languages.

Contact us to see if we can help you live your dreams.

Welcome to:
Leaning Dog Marketing

Welcome to LDM!

Thanks for stopping by LeaningDogMarketing.  I am frequently asked where I got the name Leaning Dog Marketing.  It comes from the dog we had at the time named Czar who […]

Leaning Dog Marketing News

In November of 2013 we entered eBay as a seller. It had been very profitable for us. Sales skyrocketed!

Sadly eBay made it more and more difficult to account for buyers who scam the seller so I switched my main business to Amazon which has a more fair environment for both buyers and sellers.

I have been selling my own branded products on Amazon now for over 4 years and adding more products.

Finally I have dropship websites that sell products I never touch. Gotta love that.
Leaning Dog Marketing